Tri Mama

In Family on May 13, 2008 at 2:47 am

Happy Belated Mother’s Day, everyone. One of my proudest mom moments thus far was crossing the finish line of my first triathlon with my five-year-old daughter in April. Training for competition has been a tremendous experience – both physically and psychologically.

I’ve always had athletic potential but for whatever reason never had the gumption to be an athlete. I’ve worked out regularly for years and ran a 10k – once. But in January when my personal trainer, B Good, asked me to write down my fitness goals, my hand betrayed the doubt in my mind.

“Complete the Irongirl Triathlon,” it wrote.

That was the moment I became an athlete. The commitment to a goal, to beat myself if no one else, was there in black and white. As running philosopher George Sheehan put it, “The difference between jogging and running is an entry blank.”

Over the last few months I’ve undergone a transformation. I’ve lost weight, gained strength, and lopped over thirty seconds off my mile.

I am psyched about fitting into a size 8. But more interesting to me than all the physical manifestations of this change is what’s going on in my head. B is constantly telling the group I workout with that it’s “all mental”. I couldn’t agree more.

I wasn’t an athlete before because I held myself back. Fear of failure, fear of success, self-doubt – they were all there. But they can all be overcome.














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