Pure Boy Does Yardwork

In Family on May 14, 2008 at 8:14 pm

pure boyAfter ark-worthy rains last week, it was time to clean  up the yard. After the gym, Dax and I set out with gloves, a wheel-barrow and a rake. Dax pushed his beloved Tonka dump truck hither and yon while I picked up branches and leaves that were shredded by the most lashing rain and wind.

As so often seems the case with two small children, cleaning up one mess led to another. I’d dumped out the sitting water from our wading pool way too close to a low bare spot of the yard that is perfect for mud puddles. Dax promptly shed his shoes, socks, shorts, and underwear (note the bare bottom) to get down to business. Nothing a quick bath couldn’t fix.

Cleaning the yard now is a must as Saturday we’ll host our fourth annual crawfish boil. It’s a MUCH smaller affair than last year, and we’re looking forward to actually socializing and eating this time. I vow never again to host 50 people for a party without paying someone to help me run it.



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