In Family, In Other Words, Writing on June 3, 2008 at 9:27 pm

I’ve been feeling stretched too thin lately, and the fact that I just remembered half an hour ago that I had a meeting that started an hour before that just validated that concern.

Somehow I’ve never quite learned that just because I’m interested in a zillion things doesn’t mean I have the time to devote to them. Let’s take today as an example.

5:40am Richard leaves for the gym and in the process wakes up Dax, who settled for about 20 minutes of snuggling before demanding his breakfast. I had hoped for using time before the kids were up to work on a an overdue article. No dice.

8:30am We’re all fed and dressed and out the door to the gym where I had my second-to-last masters swimming workout (our coach has other obligations over the summer). After swimming a mile or so (couldn’t have said that a year ago!), I got the kids out of childcare so they could swim too.

Noon Back at home for a quick picnic lunch before heading off to the farm for our weekly visit.

2:00pm Arrive at the farm with Madeleine’s school friend, EM. The girls and I harvest lavendar while Dax looks for worms.

4:00pm Leave the farm. Oops…meant to leave at 3. Drive to Chick-fil-a for ice cream snack, playground and meeting up with EM’s mom.

5:00pm Leave Chick-fil-a, now in danger of being late for¬†Madeleine’s last soccer game of the season — which Richard was coaching.

5:30pm Arrive just in time for the game. Yay! The under-six Tigers go undefeated! And Madeleine has never scored a goal! One day, it will happen. Really.

6:45pm Back home, get dinner together, read email, get kids cleaned up and in bed.

8:30pm Remember the meeting I had that started at 7:30pm

9:00pm Start blog entry instead of reading book for book club meeting on Friday. Now currently on page 99 of 250 pages. Not much hope of finishing in time. Throw cat off the computer.

9:30pm Give up on working on overdue article today. It will still be late tomorrow. And Thursday. Post to blog, read, go to bed.

Sheesh. One of these days I’m going to fold the laundry. Really.


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