I Heart Sandra Tsing Loh

In In Other Words, Writing on June 6, 2008 at 2:16 pm

Every time our Atlantic Monthly arrives in the mail, the first thing I do is search the table of contents for Sandra Tsing Loh, contributing editor and book reviewer of all things feminist (or that pretend to be).

In the July/August issue that arrived yesterday (not online yet or I’d link it), she revisits the brouhaha stirred up on the blogosphere and other media outlets in reaction to Lisa Belkin’s New York Times Magazine piece on “opting out”.

I love Loh’s writing because she is damn smart and damn funny, but more importantly, she smacks down on the silliness that can come out of academia and other members of the “thinktankerati”. On a personal level, I identify with her position as a mom and freelance writer trying to make it all work in a way that makes sense.

She’s got a book coming out in August, Mother on Fire. Now I know what I’ll be selecting for my book club in September.


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