Running Against that Little Voice in My Head

In Uncategorized on July 18, 2008 at 9:46 am

I just finished reading this great book, The Courage to Start: A Guide to Running for Your Life by John Bingham. The author writes a column for Runner’s World magazine that’s geared toward beginner or slower runners. The book is about why to run rather than how to run. I bought it before we went to Nags Head because I was feeling demotivated about my triathlon training, specifically about running, and wanted some inspiration — a literary kick in the butt.

There’s value in the book for anyone who runs (or is thinking about running), but there were certain parts that really spoke to me. The section “The Faces of Failure” really hit home for me. Despite the fact that my body is naturally inclined toward athleticism, I have only recently come to see myself as an athlete. Insecurity from school days lingers in my psyche and occasionally rears its ugly head, telling me that I’ll always be slow and awkward.

I see now that these insecurities hold me back. Running past the faces of failure, those voices from the past that tell me I’m not good enough or fast enough, is as much of a challenge as running through my lungs screaming for air as I sprint toward the top of the hill. They are even louder than the voice that tells me I’m bored or tired. My goal now is to cultivate the motivational voice, the one that reminds me that I’m having fun, that my body is capable of grace and speed and agility, that I can run right past the faces of failure straight through to the finish line.


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