Ivy Brand Potluck

In Food, In My Kitchen on July 23, 2008 at 11:21 pm

Why aren’t performance fabrics and Gatorade marketed to farmers? This was the question I was asking myself while laying down straw between planting rows at Ivy Brand yesterday. It was 91 degrees and those straw bales — 200 this time! — were not moving themselves. Earlier in the day I thought I’d be hanging out with the kids while Sara ran deliveries or got ready for the potluck that night. Ha!


Yet again, my appreciation for the work that goes into farming is deepened. Yet again, my triathlete-self is humbled by the exertion required to be a producer. Yet again, I’m sweating and hot and tired as much or more as I am in a workout.

But by the time the sun was nearing the treeline, the temperature came down a bit and a breeze floated in from the South River. Friends and members of the farm started showing up along with lots of beautiful side dishes and some biodynamic meats. Music from the Seznec Brothers up near the firepit — jamming a mix of just about everything folksy and fun. 

The food was perhaps the best I’ve had at a potluck. (Likely because it was all prepared (or bought) by people who care enough about food to be choosy about where it comes from.) I’d brought a simple coleslaw with a vinegar-based dressing. My favorite dish of the night was a quinoa salad with grapes, cashews, and celery. Amazingly enough there was only one dessert, a peach and blueberry crumble. Why is it that most potlucks I go to are half desserts?

Madeleine and Dax had a great time with Sara’s boys and the other kids that showed up. Even Richard enjoyed himself once he realized he wasn’t going to have to schlep around the fields and could man the grill instead.

We came home filthy and ready for a well-deserved sleep.


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