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A Big Week

In Family on August 28, 2008 at 8:28 am

In the past four days, I’ve run a triathlon, celebrated Dax’s 3rd birthday, and sent Madeleine to her first day of kindergarten. No wonder I was a gigantic stress ball last week.

Iron Girl was just as fantastic as everyone’s told me. The all-women event was truly motivational and inspirational. Professional athletes, cancer survivors, septogenarians, moms, daughters, big girls, skinny girls — all were there. Three of my favorite women there were the seventy-year-old with a Longaberger basket on her bike (is that the aerodynamic model?), the 200lb+ woman who gave me a run for the money on the bike leg, and the woman who sang and hooted and hollered the entire time (she was cheering for the volunteers who were cheering for us). My heart went out to the women who didn’t quite make it — one whose borrowed bike’s tires were shredded before the race even started, one who was throwing up on the side of the road (thankfully near some volunteers), and probably several others I’ll never know about.

How did I do? I had a great time. What was my time? I still don’t know. My timing chip band had hidden itself in the inside of my running cap, so I got a new chop right before the race, and apparently my name didn’t quite get attached to the chip. I think my time is listed on the results page with someone else’s name next to it. In a way I’m happy to not know my actual time. I know where and when I might have pushed myself more (and risked injuring my left hamstring further). Knowing my time won’t tell me that. But it would help me obsess over how fast I was compared to everyone else.

On Tuesday, Dax turned 3. He doesn’t seem to get the importance of a birthday. Which is just as well since we still have not had a party, cake, or gift for him. We did go to Chevy’s for dinner, and as you can see from the pictures on the right, he enjoyed the singing and the sombrero. Now to find a train table and bake a cake…

Yesterday, Madeleine went to her first day of kindergarten. I was glad I had my sunglasses on when I dropped her off so she didn’t see me tearing up. When I picked her up she was positively beaming and talked about what she did and who she played with the whole walk home.

It’s nice to have these big days behind me, and I’m feeling a little more relaxed. But wait, there’s more! Tonight I have my launch party for my new Arbonne business. More on that to come.

For now I’m off to the gym then back home to prepare for tonight.

Busy — it’s a good thing.


Last Visit to the Farm

In Uncategorized on August 21, 2008 at 5:00 pm

Tuesday was not the best farm day for us. I hadn’t talked to Sara before leaving, so I assumed I’d just be picking up the boxes and letting the kids hang out for a few minutes. When I got there I found out Sara had left with ALL the deliveries, and she wanted me to hang out while her boys and my kids played. This was not such a bad idea, but it kept me at the farm about an hour later than I’d planned. It was hot, the kids were hungry, and I had not dressed them or myself appropriately for an excursion on the banks of the Rhode River. Both of my kids cut their feet, and as a group the kids were just not getting along well. When Sara wasn’t back when she said she would be, I called her and told her I needed to leave, thereby foisting her kids onto an employee there.

Next week school starts, and with the extra work I’ve got over the next month or so, I really couldn’t work in farm trips. I’m bummed that our summer on the farm ended on a negative note. I wanted the kids to have these glowing Rockwell-esque memories of their time there. But if their memories include lessons based on fighting with friends and how to work through that and how to pick and choose your friends based on how they treat you, then maybe that’s even more valuable than pastoral landscapes and catching tadpoles.

In Praise of the Summer Veggie Plate

In Food, In My Kitchen on August 13, 2008 at 4:12 pm

I have refrained from slapping shoppers in supermarkets who are buying peaches and watermelons and eggplants from God-knows-where. All these items should be purchased from local farmers now, when local markets are bursting with beautiful produce. We’ve even picked up some early apples and pears over the last two Saturdays.

Summer is my favorite time of year for a flexatarian diet. It’s just too easy, and too yummy, to dive into all the wonderful sides and salads that can be made with gorgeous veggies. Of course, if you worry about protein like I do (gotta fuel those tri workouts!), the veggie plate may seem a bit dubious. But now that it’s the peak of summer, I can get my hands on crowder peas, and happily eat away.

Dinner veggie plate from last week:

crowder peas, mashed potatoes, tomato wedges with basil, corn on the cob (ALL LOCAL!)

Lunch veggie plate from Monday:

crowder peas, beet and orange salad with goat cheese, salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, and carrots

Count Down to Iron Girl!

In Uncategorized on August 8, 2008 at 5:00 pm

Iron Girl Columbia is just over two weeks away and I am pumped. Last Friday was the dress rehearsal, and approximately 600 awesome women gathered at Centennial Park to swim in the lake-grass infested waters of Centennial Lake, and run around the park’s shady but hilly trails.

I was not as well prepared as I probably should have been for such an event, in that I hadn’t been hydrating enough over the previous days, and my prerace dinner consisted of turkey chili dogs and chips. I also slept poorly, probably out of fear that I wouldn’t wake up when my alarm clock went off at 4:30am. Yes. 4:30am. I shudder just to read that.

Anyway, after getting Lost In Columbia  twice (cue industrial echo to mimic Lost In Space theme — Columbia is a planned community, as in, they planned for you to never know where the hell you are), we found the park entrance and waited in a very long line to get to parking. The line frightens me a bit as to what race day will look like.

There was still a lot of blah-blah-blahing by race officials as we set up our own little transition area, but by about 6:40am, the first group took to the water. Let me just applaud right now for Auntie Margie, the 70-year-young woman who has been running triathlons since she was 50. You go Margie. I want to be you when I grow up.

I was a little nauseated getting into the water, not surprising giving prerace jitters, and lack of sleep, and nasty fructose/caffeine goo thing I swallowed just beforehand, and the rather green tasting water I was getting into. The swim was crazy. It’s just disorienting to get into water your’e not accustomed to, can’t see through, and have thirty other people swimming in the same three square feet as you. About 300 yards into the 800 yard swim leg, I caught my rhythm, and things went smoothly unless I needed to pass someone.

The run started out alright, but I quickly was exhausted. And, frankly, quite frustrated that I was having so much trouble with a stupid little 5k. Yes, it was hot and humid, but come on, 800 yards of swimming and 3 miles of running is like an everyday work out for me. I not only walked, I walked a lot. I was embarassed and feeling lame that I couldn’t run the whole thing.

We got back in the car to come home, and that nausea I felt before the race was still there. Hmm. That’s not prerace jitters. Apparently I’d been on the verge of a GI bug, and the dress rehearsal just pushed me over the edge. I spent most of Friday and Saturday in bed.

That all seems to be overwith, but Monday I got on the treamill after a spin class and my hamstring started to spasm. Ugh. I have been training for this race all year! Must not let stupid illness and injury get me now!

I’m trying to balance my bricks and practice triathlons with taking care of myself. I’d like to finish Iron Girl somewhere around 2h 15min, but if I have to walk the damn thing I will. I want to finish dammit!