Count Down to Iron Girl!

In Uncategorized on August 8, 2008 at 5:00 pm

Iron Girl Columbia is just over two weeks away and I am pumped. Last Friday was the dress rehearsal, and approximately 600 awesome women gathered at Centennial Park to swim in the lake-grass infested waters of Centennial Lake, and run around the park’s shady but hilly trails.

I was not as well prepared as I probably should have been for such an event, in that I hadn’t been hydrating enough over the previous days, and my prerace dinner consisted of turkey chili dogs and chips. I also slept poorly, probably out of fear that I wouldn’t wake up when my alarm clock went off at 4:30am. Yes. 4:30am. I shudder just to read that.

Anyway, after getting Lost In Columbia  twice (cue industrial echo to mimic Lost In Space theme — Columbia is a planned community, as in, they planned for you to never know where the hell you are), we found the park entrance and waited in a very long line to get to parking. The line frightens me a bit as to what race day will look like.

There was still a lot of blah-blah-blahing by race officials as we set up our own little transition area, but by about 6:40am, the first group took to the water. Let me just applaud right now for Auntie Margie, the 70-year-young woman who has been running triathlons since she was 50. You go Margie. I want to be you when I grow up.

I was a little nauseated getting into the water, not surprising giving prerace jitters, and lack of sleep, and nasty fructose/caffeine goo thing I swallowed just beforehand, and the rather green tasting water I was getting into. The swim was crazy. It’s just disorienting to get into water your’e not accustomed to, can’t see through, and have thirty other people swimming in the same three square feet as you. About 300 yards into the 800 yard swim leg, I caught my rhythm, and things went smoothly unless I needed to pass someone.

The run started out alright, but I quickly was exhausted. And, frankly, quite frustrated that I was having so much trouble with a stupid little 5k. Yes, it was hot and humid, but come on, 800 yards of swimming and 3 miles of running is like an everyday work out for me. I not only walked, I walked a lot. I was embarassed and feeling lame that I couldn’t run the whole thing.

We got back in the car to come home, and that nausea I felt before the race was still there. Hmm. That’s not prerace jitters. Apparently I’d been on the verge of a GI bug, and the dress rehearsal just pushed me over the edge. I spent most of Friday and Saturday in bed.

That all seems to be overwith, but Monday I got on the treamill after a spin class and my hamstring started to spasm. Ugh. I have been training for this race all year! Must not let stupid illness and injury get me now!

I’m trying to balance my bricks and practice triathlons with taking care of myself. I’d like to finish Iron Girl somewhere around 2h 15min, but if I have to walk the damn thing I will. I want to finish dammit!

  1. Good description of the rehearsal. Hope you had a good race today!

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