In Praise of the Summer Veggie Plate

In Food, In My Kitchen on August 13, 2008 at 4:12 pm

I have refrained from slapping shoppers in supermarkets who are buying peaches and watermelons and eggplants from God-knows-where. All these items should be purchased from local farmers now, when local markets are bursting with beautiful produce. We’ve even picked up some early apples and pears over the last two Saturdays.

Summer is my favorite time of year for a flexatarian diet. It’s just too easy, and too yummy, to dive into all the wonderful sides and salads that can be made with gorgeous veggies. Of course, if you worry about protein like I do (gotta fuel those tri workouts!), the veggie plate may seem a bit dubious. But now that it’s the peak of summer, I can get my hands on crowder peas, and happily eat away.

Dinner veggie plate from last week:

crowder peas, mashed potatoes, tomato wedges with basil, corn on the cob (ALL LOCAL!)

Lunch veggie plate from Monday:

crowder peas, beet and orange salad with goat cheese, salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, and carrots

  1. Your blog jumped out at me when I saw “summer veggie plate.” We had almost the same exact meal last night as the first one you described, but with coleslaw instead of the mashed potatoes, and “field peas” instead of crowder peas (I wish! But they aren’t to be had here in the Tampa area right now.)

    We love going to the local farmer’s market. Don’t worry about protein. It’s rather overrated if you ask me. Which you didn’t, but anyway, I just wanted to say yea for local summer veggies!

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