A Big Week

In Family on August 28, 2008 at 8:28 am

In the past four days, I’ve run a triathlon, celebrated Dax’s 3rd birthday, and sent Madeleine to her first day of kindergarten. No wonder I was a gigantic stress ball last week.

Iron Girl was just as fantastic as everyone’s told me. The all-women event was truly motivational and inspirational. Professional athletes, cancer survivors, septogenarians, moms, daughters, big girls, skinny girls — all were there. Three of my favorite women there were the seventy-year-old with a Longaberger basket on her bike (is that the aerodynamic model?), the 200lb+ woman who gave me a run for the money on the bike leg, and the woman who sang and hooted and hollered the entire time (she was cheering for the volunteers who were cheering for us). My heart went out to the women who didn’t quite make it — one whose borrowed bike’s tires were shredded before the race even started, one who was throwing up on the side of the road (thankfully near some volunteers), and probably several others I’ll never know about.

How did I do? I had a great time. What was my time? I still don’t know. My timing chip band had hidden itself in the inside of my running cap, so I got a new chop right before the race, and apparently my name didn’t quite get attached to the chip. I think my time is listed on the results page with someone else’s name next to it. In a way I’m happy to not know my actual time. I know where and when I might have pushed myself more (and risked injuring my left hamstring further). Knowing my time won’t tell me that. But it would help me obsess over how fast I was compared to everyone else.

On Tuesday, Dax turned 3. He doesn’t seem to get the importance of a birthday. Which is just as well since we still have not had a party, cake, or gift for him. We did go to Chevy’s for dinner, and as you can see from the pictures on the right, he enjoyed the singing and the sombrero. Now to find a train table and bake a cake…

Yesterday, Madeleine went to her first day of kindergarten. I was glad I had my sunglasses on when I dropped her off so she didn’t see me tearing up. When I picked her up she was positively beaming and talked about what she did and who she played with the whole walk home.

It’s nice to have these big days behind me, and I’m feeling a little more relaxed. But wait, there’s more! Tonight I have my launch party for my new Arbonne business. More on that to come.

For now I’m off to the gym then back home to prepare for tonight.

Busy — it’s a good thing.


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