Seeing Green

In Family on February 6, 2010 at 11:57 am

There are bushes under there, really.

I went to bed last night spooked by the sound of the fog horns on the Chesapeake, and the threat of a real-live blizzard. We made it through the night with power and without labor pains. After a shovel-fueling breakfast of cheese biscuits, sausage, and eggs, my thoughts are sunnier. Sure the snow’s still coming down with two feet already on the ground, and the kids may have ANOTHER day or two without school, but with the help of Jack Johnson on the radio singing about the Kamani tree and a recent read of Barbara Kingsolver’s ode to asparagus, I’m thinking warm and green more than cold and white.

For example, our proximity to the Bay provides more cheerful sensory effects than the melancholy fog horn, like the roar of Blue Angels jets zooming and twirling through a brilliant blue sky every May to celebrate Naval Academy commissioning week.

All the cold (and snow and ice) we’ve had this winter might be keeping my pregnant bod largely homebound, but it’s also turning embryonic peaches into sweet delights to come this summer. Come April, I’ll be ready to tote baby to the farmers’ markets to buy up all that’s still gathering strength underground or in seed flats in carefully tended green houses right now.

And then there’ll be pool and beach time. Madeleine and Dax will be full fledged fish this summer. Richard and I will alternate splashing around with them and catching shade with baby.

School will start, the trees turn gold and red, and then it will all start again.

We’ve largely acclimated to life in the Mid-Atlantic after growing up on the Gulf Coast. We love having four seasons.

Winter is still the hardest part of living here for us though. But I know the green is there. I can see it in the snow.


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