Ready to Advocate?

In Family on February 19, 2010 at 2:34 pm

Remember when I said my dad’s oncologist isn’t one to speculate? Well I guess he feels like he’s not taking too much of a gamble to put a number out on my dad’s remaining days. As I read in an email from my mom yesterday morning, the doc told my mom that “I would be really surprised if he was still with us a year from now.”


And absurd, put up against the sound of the Chipettes covering Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” over iTunes as I read my email. And then there’s the absurdity of my mom being told this over her cell phone in a public restroom. My Victorian grandmother would have been horrified.

Dad says, “Well, these doctors don’t have many encouraging words for me.”



I’d like to have a word with the urologist who has ordered two bone scans and a CT scan for my dad within the last 4 months. The cynical thought that he might be vested in the machines doing the scanning certainly comes to mind. He’s not arguing with the oncologist that my dad’s out of treatment options. But apparently he’d like my Medicare and my parents to spend time, energy, and money on what seem to me (and the oncologist) to be superfluous tests so he can have more data in his files.

The CT was scheduled for today. I told my mom they should cancel it and only reschedule if they get a satisfactory answer from the urologist as to why he wants the test done and what possible benefit there would be for my dad. If ever there’s a time for them to be advocates for themselves this is it.


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