a to-do list of sorts

In Family, Food, friends, In My Kitchen, In Other Words, Writing on June 6, 2010 at 10:03 pm

Here’s what’s on my mind, important and not-so-important items for the week. Does everyone else’s list look something like this or am I a bit ADD?

-what ice-cream to make before packing the ice-cream machine
-order photos
-how many playdates I can schedule for Dax this week
-Strawberry Festival bike parade
-buy kids bikes to ride in the Strawberry Festival
-freecycle bikes that are too small for kids
-when to make crawfish etoufee for some grateful (and some not-so-grateful) friends
-run 3x
-100 pushup challenge
-schedule writing date with T
-writers’ association meeting
-rechedule dentist appointments
-floss teeth
-pick strawberries at Larriland
-order mom’s belated birthday present
-figure out father’s day plan for R, dad
-Alice in Wonderland
-dinner at the pool! dinner at the pool!
-finalize rental lease
-pack, pack, pack
-purge, purge, purge
-CSA box
-cook, I should cook, what should I cook?
-write a couple of decent blog entries, as in, better than this one 😉


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