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In Family, friends on June 9, 2010 at 7:31 am

Mr. Chunky Thighs

My kids are on to me. Why else would they keep bringing me Horton Hatches the Egg for a bedtime story? Of course, I’m faithful to them 100% as sweet Horton the elephant is to his egg. But lately, I’m identifying with lazy Mayzie bird.

Lazy Mayzie gets tired and cramped sitting on that little egg. She needs a little vacay. She needs a little Palm Beach.

Yup. Palm Beach is sounding good about now.

I love my children, really I do. But after a year’s worth of pregnancy and newborn sleep-deprivation, I’d like a little vacay myself. Or at least 8 hours of blissfully uninterrupted sleep. Or even a break from soccer games and dance recitals and class picnics and Chuck E. Cheese birthday parties for kids I’ve never met. They are really getting in the way of my social life. How are Daddio and I supposed to take that crazy romantic getaway while I’m lactating? How can I plan a girls’ beach weekend when I’m juggling preschool graduation and slumber parties and humongo boxes of diapers?

Like I said, totally cramping my style.

But then my precious M looks at me with her gorgeous brown eyes as I send her off with Daddio to the dance recital. “You’re not coming?” she asks.

“Of course I’m coming silly!” My heart all melty gooey.

And there it was, the reason I’m not flying off to Palm Beach along with Mayzie. I like being Mommy to my kooky little bunch. And yes, as some of you are sure to remind me, Daddio and I DID go for number three. We knew what we were signing up for.

We were signing up for getting pooped on by Mr. Chunky Thighs while eating breakfast, dance recital rehearsals that take up half a Saturday, and painfully dull preschool soccer matches.

We were also signing up for waking up to gurgly “ah goo”s from a face full of sunshine, for handmade birthday presents with lots of glitter, and the expectation that we’d make any dance recital, 100 percent.

I’m a little cramped and tired sitting here on my nest, but I’ll pass on Palm Beach for now.

Thanks anyway Mayzie.

  1. After #3, I have been very much unorganized and it seems, on the run ALOT (the past 8 years). So now I say the secret of being an adult is “looking like you have it all together when you probably don’t” Sister in law says I”m an over-educated cheerleader, so true… I love my team!
    Going from high school functions to 2nd grade parties this year was a little mind bending, kept it all in perspective and unfortunately kept me seeing Madi as an 8 year old in a sea of teenagers!

    Seeing all of those little ones and young moms at the party last week reminded me so much of the earlier days. Don’t think that when they get older you will get any more sleep… 5 a.m. wake up calls for horse shows and track meets are normal around here, and now the girls are the ones out past midnight, babysitting… hard for me to stay awake that late anymore!

    My sister-in-law told me “It gets easier physically, harder mentally” so true so true.

    Sean just came home from Blockbuster with a movie I would love for her to see b/c of the fashion, unfortunately, the main character in the movie decides that when she turns 17 she wants to have sex…. and she does. It’s ironically named “An Education” I saw it and would like for her to see it but maybe in a year. I have to also remember it’s very tame compared to what she hears in the halls of middle school but not cave bc her 13 year old friends are going to see SATC2 :(.
    ok so I”m off to SanAntonio for the graduation of a young lady I met in ’97 on Pocahontas St. when she was 5! Of course it’s just an excuse to go party with the mom! And I’ll have one for you!! Well I better have two for you since you are from LA!

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