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In Family on May 30, 2010 at 9:34 am

Many thanks to my friends for nudging me back to the blog. The 7yo and her buddy are in front of the tv, the 4yo is away and thus not yakking in my ear, and the baby is asleep, so I’m grabbing my chance.

To say alot is going on right now is an understatement. There’s the baby, the house we just bought that we’ll move into in a month, the house we’re still in that we’ve almost rented out (please! please! please!), a good friend who’s going through a nasty separation, two other sets of friends who are moving out of state (I’ve stopped saying their abandoning us), end of school year hooha, and my dad starting hospice care.


If I stop too long to think about that last one, I start to feel pretty damn sorry for myself. All the other hubbub is a fair distraction from the sadness.

But even when I do stop and think and feel about it all, I’m ok, really. At least for now. All my own little family’s changes feel like an opportunity for new beginnings. I see good stuff ahead.

I don’t want my dad to be in pain, which he is. I don’t want my mom to be sad, which she is and will be for a while. But he is a good and decent man who has been flooded with love from visitors and phone calls. For that I’m thankful, and don’t know that I could ask for much more.